Solli Raphael

The Arts

Crowned the youngest ever Australian Poetry Slam champion at only 12-years-old in an all-adult competition, and successfully publishing his first book, Limelight, in North America, New Zealand and Australia, Solli Raphael is a budding humanitarian and ecowarrior who shares original work to instigate conversations about issues that affect future generations.

Solli enjoys performing his poetry in schools across Australia and at national and international events such as the 2018 Commonwealth Games, and on TV shows such as Studio10, ABCme, and The Project.

Breaking stereotypes, environmental activism, fighting for equality, and sharing relatable experiences, Solli tackles compelling topics in poetic form, and, has found himself receiving accolades for his inspirational input into the lives of youth.

Solli joins us at the National Young Leaders Day as a proud ambassador of Dymocks Children's Charities.