our story  

Halogen ran the first National Young Leaders Day in Sydney 1997 and has evolved significantly since this time. The National Young Leaders Day quickly expanded into primary and secondary student events and became an annual event in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. In this 20 year period over 365,000 people have attended a National
Young Leaders Day. 


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our mission

The Halogen Australia exists to inspire & influence a generation of young people to lead themselves and others well.

What does it mean to lead well? 

We have been asking leaders this question for some time now. How we lead ourselves and others in any kind of situation reveals a large part of who we are as people. Who our leaders are as people (whether they be prime ministers, parents or prefects), determines the size and shape of the home, school, country and world we live in. Questions about HOW and WHY we influence the people around us are what drives Halogen.


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our logo

The filament of the modern Halogen light-bulb is surrounded by a Halogen gas compound. The gas protects the filament and provides the conditions for it to burn hotter, longer and brighter than ever before. In a world where leaders seem to be switching off, or burning out regularly, the decisions made by those who will lead in the near future have never been more important. Halogen Australia seeks to provide the right conditions for producing a generation of leaders who will burn bright on behalf of those they lead.


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