Bianca Chatfield


Bianca Chatfield is one of the youngest players ever to have debuted for the Australian Diamonds Netball Team at the age of only 18. She made a name for herself on the court as one of the toughest defenders in the country, and as one of the most respected leaders in womens sport.

Off the court now after 17 years at the top - Bianca spends her time making the most of her entrepreneurial spirit.

She is a business woman, with a leadership business - The Ignition Project, Owns an F45 training studio, work with the Australian Netball Players' Association, speaking at several events and functions, the new breakfast radio host on EON Sports radio and a Sports Commentator for Fox Sports and Channel 10, as well as running her own Netball academy at Victoria University.

Bianca has recently published her first book 'Game On - Supercharge Your Career and Build the Life You Want' ... and is already experiencing the amazing benefits and opportunities that come as a result of being a published author.