Lucy Thomas

Social Entrepreneur

Growing up, Lucy Thomas figured that “someone should really do something about bullying.” Then she woke up and realised, I am that someone.

After finishing school, Lucy and her sister Rosie launched PROJECT ROCKIT, a movement that empowers young people to stand up to bullying and lead change in school and beyond. What started with two young girls has now reached over 100,000 young Aussies and taken the Thomas sisters on a wild ride around the world. They have rallied the support of major social media players like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and built joint initiatives to tackle (cyber)bullying. In 2013, Rosie and Lucy were presented with the Family Online Safety Institute’s prestigious Award for Outstanding Achievement in Cyber Safety in Washington DC. Now, with a large-scale injection of funds from Telstra, they are developing PROJECT ROCKIT’s innovative new digital classroom, a pocket app and launching into even more schools all over the country.

More broadly, Lucy is the lovechild of a University education in Creative Arts and Psychology. She was born with a drive to create spaces where imagination, kindness and courage thrive over bullying, hate and prejudice. Her favourite weapons of social revolution are art, music, writing and storytelling, and she sees the digital world as the ideal petri dish for positive change because we are its creators. Ultimately, Lucy has seen the best and the worst of social media and she accepts both. Isn’t that what real love is?