Edda Hamar

Social Entrepreneur

Edda has always been a dreamer of master plans, from launching fashion shows to campaigning to meet Richard Branson which she achieved recently through her own social media campaign.

Edda was part of the social media start-up, Gen Y Access, co-directed Frock It Fashion Show, a glittery road to the underground fashion world, and organised The Big Dry Out, a flood relief appeal that assembled the best of Brisbanes music and fashion scene.

Edda now runs Undress Runways, an annual ethical and sustainable fashion show which she has taken to 3 cities around Australia; Brisbane, Melbourne and the Gold Coast. In April this year, Edda was the recipient of a Qantas Foundation grant of $20,000 to further her work in opening peoples' eyes to the wonderful world of sustainable fashion - by launching an online store.

Edda has a vision to see a world where we, the consumers of fashion, use our dollar to vote for a sustainable fashion industry. An industry that treats our fellow human beings as worthy individuals and looks after our Earth.

Undress Runways is a series of sustainable fashion runway shows. We support ethical and environmentally-friendly fashion. We challenge you to assess the sustainability of your wardrobe. Undress Runways will open your eyes to the world of sustainable fashion. Think ‘no-waste’ collections, ethical production, ‘food dyed’ garments, natural fibres, and unique pieces made from off-cuts.

Our mission is to make sustainable fashion default. If you don't know where it was made, what it is made from or where it will end up, take it off. Let's make public the demand for a fashion industry that is innovative and values sustainable practices. Undress is in 3 cities in Australia; Brisbane, Melbourne and the Gold Coast and our runways feature established and emerging sustainable designers, as well as vintage labels. We celebrate sustainable fashion.