Al Jeffery

Social Entrepreneur

Al Jeffery is a 20-year old Melbourne social entrepreneur, described as a “creative facilitator of personal and social change.”

He began his journey at just 12 years old, and has started up and been involved in many social businesses and projects. Ranging from an online guitar accessories store raising money for the AustralianOrangutang Project, to his social clothing brand Dewalio, Al is now building a global event series, ONEWorld Summit; an eco-system of organisations for collective progress.

Over the years, Al has gained recognition for his impact and entrepreneurial knowledge, from being listed as one of Anthill Magazine’s Top “30Under30” Entrepreneurs, to being featured on Channel 7 News. He has also been featured many times in other Australian and global media on topics such as social entrepreneurship, collaboration and innovation.

Recently Al was asked to speak at TEDxYouth@MileHigh in Denver, Colorado where he shared his vision for his current ventures Onely, Inc. and the ONEWorld Summit Series.

A note from Al...

"I believe we are in the most extraordinary time we have ever been in. With more opportunity, enabling-technology, knowledge and understanding. I truly believe our generation can be the first generation to make major progress in the areas we need most and create some truly exciting breakthroughs to assist in creating a fair, green and abundant world.

My role in this, I believe is to create experiences and spaces to catalyse collaborative change. Through community development, fostering human potential and social entrepreneurship my mission is to bring our generation ALIVE and TOGETHER.

With experience in startup entrepreneurship, business development, marketing, team dynamics and culture management - I am also passionate about applying these experience and gained-knowledge to organisations doing work I am passionate about to enable them to become more effective in achieving their mission."