Amy Gascoigne

Community Service

When Amy Gascoigne caught a youth spray painting graffiti at a skate park, she resolved to create a program that would refocus this pastime. Amy single handily raised funds through donations to build a program that creates legal graffiti and the result was Aerosol Angels. It was a challenge to get the program up and running and she still struggles to access enough funding to keep the program in operation, but Amy’s determination has kept it alive. Amy coordinates the group on her own, managing the various issues and attitudes of the kids involved. Through her guidance, these young people share their techniques and give one another guidance, moral support and encouragement. Each week, Amy is out in the community explaining the rules and expectations of her group to more young people, turning them into artists through her program. Amy has now worked with over 60 young people from varying backgrounds and has seen Aerosol Angels develop into an institution within the community. Through encouragement and praise, Amy has taught these troubled youths to believe in themselves and follow their dreams.