Lessons Learned From This Year's National Young Leaders Day

This year, I once again had the privilege of hosting The National Young Leaders Day, held in five capital cities around Australia. These leadership days reach over 20,000 primary and secondary students every year, equipping and training them to be student leaders in their school.

The Halogen Foundation present these events annually, to both primary and secondary audiences, and every event is inspiring. Not only for the school students who attend, but also for me personally.

Here are 7 key things I learned as result of my involvement in The National Young Leaders Day this year.

1. Don’t despise small beginnings.

“Influence always starts small.”
Mike Martin, General Manager, Halogen Foundation Australia

2. Count the cost.

“There are costs to being great at what you do. And great leaders are willing to pay those costs.”
Jess Fox, Olympian, silver medalist, (and Dux of her school in the same year.)

3. Find your (real) voice.

“Leaders need a distinctive voice, that is true to themselves, coming from their inner core. Keep courage with language and use it wisely.”
John Marsden, Author

4. Pay attention.

After he noticed a significant problem with the lack of fresh water supply in developing nations, Daniel Flynn asked himself this profound question:
“What if I’m meant to do something about it?”
Daniel Flynn, Founder: Thank You Water

5. Be yourself (and be OK with that).

“I am somebody and I like writing.”
Andy Griffiths, Author

6. Make a difference.

“My teacher kept giving my confidence that I can make a difference if I keep embracing challenges and learning from them.”
Kevin Sheedy, AFL player, coach and legend

7. Be honest AND kind.

“Say what you mean, and mean what you say. And don’t be mean when you say it.”
Lorin Nicholson, musician, athlete, motivational speaker

This week, make sure you learn something new.

Enjoy the journey.

And more importantly, enjoy the moments.


P.S. If you haven’t yet registered your student leaders for the next National Young Leaders Day (which is an absolute MUST in my book) then you can find out more here.

Megan is a passionate and inspiring presenter, who has spent nearly two decades teaching in both the public and private education sectors. Megan is committed to helping others aim further, reach higher, and learn stronger. She has authored 4 books, developed numerous resources for teachers and principals, and has spoken extensively in Australia, Asia and Europe.

Find out more at www.megandredge.com


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