Learning leadership through gamification

One of the most useful resources I came across as a first year teacher in the early 90’s, was a little book about co-operative learning strategies called ‘When It’s Fun, They Learn’. I can’t remember who wrote the book, or anything much of its contents, but the title has stuck with me like a mantra. Regardless of the topic, when my lessons went well, I reflected, it was because the students enjoyed my teaching strategies and their learning was scaffolded appropriately. When lessons went badly (and yes, more than a few did) it was because the students found them dull, tedious and inaccessible.

So, now here we are in the 21st Century. Co-operative learning strategies are so embedded in classroom practice that they’ve ceased to really even be a ‘thing’ any more. Instead, now we look to ‘Gamification’ and ‘Blended Learning’ as the tools with which we can engage the attention of young people and effectively transfer curriculum content. In 2016, digital technologies are often the ‘hook’ upon which we can catch our students and demonstrate the value and relevance of our respective subject areas. Similarly, serious games, while not always digital, allow students to practise complex real world skills in a low-risk environment with appropriate support and feedback from team-mates, opponents and facilitators.

With all this in mind, I am thrilled to announce that Halogen has just partnered with Totem Learning to bring a new and innovative resource to secondary schools across Australia! Unlock:Leadership offers the opportunity to practice and refine real world skills in a highly engaging virtual environment, designed to appeal to a new generation of digital learners! Halogen is thrilled to be able to support students and teachers in the development of the 4 C’s - Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving through this new venture.

If you would like more information on how your students and staff can build leadership skills through online multi-player gaming, click here. We look forward to continuing to connect you with leadership tools and resources throughout 2016.

Samantha Skinner - General Manager - Tweet @samskin



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