great leaders master the little

Many young people believe they need to do something grand to make an impact. They live in a world where there is so much emphasis on the next big thing and enormous achievement. It is time we break this down so that they understand what the real heroes behind these things are...

It’s the little things that are the steps to greatness, or the steps to building something of great worth or the steps to just being a person that someone wants to follow.

A great leader who has impact in the world or just as importantly, their immediate surrounds, is someone who understands that diligence, consistency, kindness, integrity and that day to day interactions with people and life are fundamental. Those who can ‘master the little’ will always make a difference in whatever they do.

More than 22,000 primary and secondary students along with their teachers and principals will attend The National Young Leaders Day in the year ahead. It is our hope that they will inspired and empowered by this idea. Click here for more information.


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