One of the more difficult creative jobs at Halogen is choosing a theme that binds together the experience and wisdom of the diverse set of leaders who are invited to share their story at The National Young Leaders Day. This year’s theme started out as a single line in the opening talk of our last series of events...

It is a simple truth that doesn’t just sound snappy, it applies to nearly every great achievement I can think of. It is also one of the unsung ‘insulating’ lessons that are vital for the development of healthy, happy young people. The allegory we use to explain it, is also a simple one that I have no doubt has been told before- This Leadership Tree Grows In My Backyard. Click here to view my prezi on the subject.

Leaders are like trees? Ok, but how do you identify the type of leadership that is helpful to people? What needs to exist for things to really get started?

3 Flowers & Fruits of good leadership:

STUFF IS SAFE: The baseline for all good leaders. The space where the endeavour to take place contains minimal unnecessary risk.

STUFF IS FAIR: Justice pervades.  There is an environment were consistency of expectation & outcomes are maintained.

STUFF IS AWESOME: Achievement blossoms in well lead places. History shows where stable leadership exists great strides are made by civilizations.  

No matter the context, whether it be in an organisation, a school or even government, when the above exists, a well lead (disciplined) individual can and will achieve.

Have you spotted instances of good leadership lately? Are there any other conditions you think need to exist in order for it to prevail?

Mike Martin is the Executive Director of the Halogen Foundation. Facinated by leaders for as long as he can remember, Mike's main interest lies in the many ways in which individuals use influence to shape the lives around them. 

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